IT Cloud Service


Increases the IT service availability, security and reduces cost of ownership when using e-finance Cloud Computing Service. Rather than e-finance Cloud incur the expense of purchase, maintenance and the upgrades of an in-house IT Hardware/software, and hosted IT services on the Cloud, instead. The service user pays a fixed fee for the service application. “e-finance Cloud Service is easy to budget, as easy to manage”.

The benefits

The Privileges of e-finance cloud computing service includes:

• Cost Reduction:. No in-house hardware and/or software are required, since the provision of IT infrastructure  became an OpEx not a CapEx.

• Maximizing IT availability: e-finance cloud runs from multiple data centers, offers more than %99.5 uptime.

• The Security: Our data centers are physically and electronically secure, since e-finance certified ISO 27001 for Information Security Management.

• All communications services from sole supplier: Giving the service user singular point of contact and a single bill.

• Automatic upgrades: All hardware and software upgrades, are automatically implemented.


Collaboration of e-finance Cloud Service unifies the communications

Facilitates unified voice, video, data, mobility communications at a fixed cost, with a minimum risks. Get Provides easy-use to connect devices and access applications, such as videoconferencing and calendaring, anytime, anywhere:

• IP telephony (Wired / Wireless / Softphones)

• Skype for business

• Video Conferencing

• Web Conferencing

• Voice Mail / Unified Messaging


Contact Center as a Service

Empowering the customer loyalty, increases revenue, and costs reduction. Run your contact center completely in the cloud. Use the latest contact center technology and applications without a big invested capital.

• Multimedia routing (voice, video, email, fax, chat)

• Agent and supervisor desktop client

• Real-time and historical reporting


• Quality Monitoring and Recording

• Workforce Management


Energy Management Cloud Services as a Service

Energy management framework that allows IT operations/facilities to measure and manage power usage. to help realize more cost savings. This suite allows IT and building facilities operations to understand, optimize, and control power across an entire corporate infrastructure, potentially affecting any powered device. Encompassing an intelligent, network-based approach, the solution uses the existing multi-vendor infrastructure to discover manageable devices. With a wide ranging set of asset connectors, it monitors, measures, and controls energy between the management application and endpoints, the main benefits

• Coordinate power management:

• Reduce energy consumption

• Bridge the gap between IT and facility management:

• Control costs and stay aligned with green-based policies and directives


Security Cloud as a Service

Boost security for your web applications, cut costs, and simplify your network security strategy with cloud-based service Focus available resources on the «before, during, and after» stages of advanced attacks on your business. Strengthen protection for your business. Keep your network running and protected from attacks so you can continue your business operations without interruption.

• Next Generation Firewalls

• Next Generation SIEM and Vulnerability scanning

• Web application firewalls

• Identity services engine

• Two factor authentication


IT Manage services


We can effectively take care of your hardware, software, communications, internet, data security, backups, business continuity, support and Cloud Computing strategy... in short, every facet of the ownership, deployment and use of IT in your business.


The Benefits

The benefits of a comprehensive Managed IT service are

• Reduces IT costs and prevent unplanned expenditure

• Ensures reliable availability of business critical systems

• Protection against hacking, malicious attack and other intrusions

• Agile and scalable IT solutions to meet your needs today and in the future

• One source for solutions to all IT problems

• 7*24 technical support


IT professional services

Design and Implementation

Our expert IT technology engineers are equipped with skills to design and implement even the most demanding technology solutions. From the hardware platforms that make the backbone of technology systems, e-finance design and implement engineering practice leverages our highly certified and experienced team to design and implement solutions that meet and exceed customer requirements.

• Networks (LAN/WLAN/WAN, VMaware Network)

• Application Network Services (load balance, wan optimization)

• Collaboration (IP telephony, video conference, web conference, voice mail, skype for business)

• Contact Center (Multimedia routing (voice, video, email, fax, chat), IVR, Quality Management and Recording, workforce management)

• Security (LAN Security, VPN, Firewalls, IPS, SIEM, Token, WAF, VA)

• Energy Management