Card Center Personalization

Our vision is to lead the region in the card personalization service arena through offering latest technologies that provide customers with maximum degree of convenience and speed!

We pride ourselves in upholding the highest standards of security and technology while offering you the fastest service possible. More importantly, our experience in the market ensures you are working with a strong brand that accepts nothing less than excellence, both in our product but also in our business processes.

 Our Solution:

e-finance owns a state of the art card center equipped with machines that offer card personalization services using latest technologies

• High-capacity modular card printing machines.

• 2,500 cards per hour

• highest levels of security Our card center also brings you a world of options. We customize and deliver cards to your exact specifications. Our portfolio of cards specifications include

• Magnetic strip

• Smart chip cards


• Embossing

• Indenting

• Laser engraving

Our process ensure business continuity and our certifications guarantee they are followed rigorously and provide the highest degrees of quality and security. The high degree of automation in these processes ensure your cards are shipped to the right client in the speediest and most cost efficient way possible.

Why work with us:

When it comes to card personalization; e-finance has your back.

Whether it is outsourcing; where you want to avoid the hassle of handling a non-core operation such as card printing, issuing and delivery, e-finance can provide you with convenient and cost-efficient solutions.

Or if you a need arise where a large number of cards is required in short period of time, our high-capacity machines can deliver your cards at record speeds without sacrificing quality while still maintaining competitive pricing.


The Beneficiaries:

We serve banks; local and multinational as well as government agencies.

• Pensions Authority

• Ministry of Petroleum

• Egypt Post

• Arab Investment Bank

• Ministry of Social Solidarity

• World Food Program


Type of Cards • Payment Cards (Debit/Credit)
• GSM SIM Cards
• Branded or Unbranded Access or Loyalty Cards
Personalization Technology • Magnetic Strip
• Smart Chip
Card Printing Types • Laser Engraving
• Thermal Printing
• Embossing
• Indenting
Machine Brands • Customized DataCard MBR3800
Certification Business Processes and equipment compliant with:
• MasterCard
Payment Cards 150,000 cards per day
GSM SIM Cards 210,000 cards per day
Laser Engraving 150,000 cards per day
Thermal Printing 20,000 cards per day
Embossing 20,000 cards per day
Embedding 20,000 cards per day